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Yes. All-In Snowboard 2024

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Yes. All-In Snowboard 2024


It doesn't take much, but when you've committed to life standing sideways there's a freedom that comes the decision. Full dedication to the boardriding nation, and you're ready to double up. The Yes. All-In Snowboard is the perfect opening move, easy enough to cover while leaving you with tons of options. This is a directional twin all-mountain freestyle board, the kind of board that'll transition easily from park to pow without any glaring deficits. Push your chips to the center and leave the decisions to the other guys: you made the right move!

Product Details

Rocker Type

CamRock  The response of camber with the floatability of rocker. Camber between your feet acts as a spring, keeping your contact points on the ground as you go in and out of turns and allowing you to keep that edge hold longer. Once compressed the camber will accentuate the rocker and lift the nose out more, allowing it to float.


Flex Rating  6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Directional Twin

MidBite  MidBite blends the response of a narrow waist width with the stability of a wider nose & tail.


Full Poplar  Yes.'s baseline core for tip-to-tail woodcore snowboard construction. A core that strikes a predictable balance between durability and consistent flex and lightweight feel.


Biaxial Glass


Extruded  This material is formed by extrusion and is softer than sintered bases. At the speeds many riders take, this material is actually quicker than sintered bases when waxed correctly. It retains wax better because it's more porous and is easy to fix with a P-Tex stick if it gets scratched.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Inserts