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Nitro Vertical Splitboard Bindings

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Supplies of this binding are super limited. We will only sell you these bindings if you buy a splitboard from us as well. 1 pair of bindings per splitboard. If you do not but a splitboard you will have your order canceled and refunded. 

Fresh-faced and raring to go, Nitro's first foray into the hard-nosed world of splitboard bindings are immediately capable of hanging with the best in the biz. That's because they're engineered in collaboration with Spark R&D, combining the simplicity and reliability of Spark's Tesla T1 platform with Nitro’s bomber components, a split-specific Recline Highback with hike and ride functionality, and the glove-like fit of their Übergrip Toe Straps. Whether marching up the skin track or surfing the white wave down, you'll want the Nitro Vertical Splitboard Bindings under your feet this season.

Product Details


Tesla T1 Baseplate  Machined Aluminum with strategic cut-outs for minimal weight.

EVA Dampening


Übergrip Toe Strap with Vibram® ECOSTEP™ Rubber  Co-developed with Vibram®, the Übergrip Toe Strap adapts to any boots toe box shape while ECOSTEP™ rubber keeps the strap in place, no matter how hard you stomp your landing, even if it's wet or freezing.

First Track® Ankle Straps  A padded, lightweight, durable RailGuard Nylon construction. Reduced weight without sacrificing performance and comfort.

Flex Windows  A large center cut-out makes the straps ultra-pliable, conforming better to your boot shape and eliminating pressure points.

Cable Reinforced Connectors & Ratchets  Over-molded stainless steel cables inside of the ratchets and connector straps work to prevent stretch and breakage.


Easy Entry Buckles & Ratchets  These S-curved ratchet straps stay out of your way when stepping into the binding. The wide-mouth buckle funnel helps you guide the ratchet for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles.

Forged Aluminum Speedwheel Buckles  The strongest and lightest aluminum lever combined with the smoothness of a polymer Speedwheel. These buckles work like a dream and last forever - no stripping, no slipping!


Recline Highback  Nitro's splitboarding specific highback allows for negative 11˚ forward lean for an unobstructed and effortless hiking motion on the way up and multiple forward lean settings for the ride down.


Available Separately  Spark Crampons, Standard Pucks, 3˚ Canted Pucks

Additional Features

Included in Box  Tesla touring brackets, T1 heel rests, mounting screws, and a Spark pocket tool