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Nitro Skylab TLS Snowboard Boots 2023

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The 2023 Nitro Skylab TLS Snowboard Boot serves two purposes; To be the lightest split boarding boot on the market and be an amazing all-day, any day all-mountain snowboarding boot. Because let's be honest, most people only go splitboarding a few times a season, so it would be great to reduce consumption by creating a boot that is versatile enough to be good for both!

Engineered to be lightweight, durable in all the right places to make it splitboard compatible, but more importantly designed to offer a fantastic fit for any day on or off the marked trails. The Vibram Outsole made of Vibram ECOSTEP Compound, 3D fly knit-material on the toe, reinforced e-foam toe cap, and Molded Spine protector provide the durability and protection that everyone needs for split boarding and the use of soft crampons when hiking on slippery or icy surfaces. The Internal Ankle Support and Hike `n` Ride Construction offer the ability to flex the spine of your boot naturally when you're hiking up on the skin trail with negative forward lean on your bindings, making it more comfortable and efficient traveling up-hill. All these features make the Skylab the lightest snowboard split boot on the market. Still, the essential aspect of the Skylab is that it offers an all-mountain everyday fit and response for enjoying every day at your local mountain. The Skylab is the perfect boot for any snowboarder out there looking for a lightweight all-mountain snowboard boot that they can go splitboarding with sometimes! Designed for everyday riding but equipped for split boarding, at a record minimum weight.

  • Vibram Outsole made of Vibram ECOSTEP Compound
  • Eva Midsole: reduces the overall weight and provides cushioning and thermal insulation.
  • E-foam toe protection
  • TLS Twin Lacing System: Easy lace engagement and release, combined with the low abrasion of Dyneema laces are the key factors of this highly reliable zonal lacing system. At the same time, the TLS features compact size and low weight while maintaining the reliability proven by tens of thousands of days on the mountain.Even though rarely needed, servicing and replacement of all parts including the lace are easier than with any other system on the market. Even using a standard lace if you‘re in a pinch is an option only available on Nitro‘s TLS boots.
  • Molded TLS Lace Handles: provide better grip and comfort for more lacing power.
  • Bail Out System: Designed to make unlacing the TLS system even easier. This pull tab that is placed in the middle of the TLS lacing system on the outside of the boot allows for effortless unlacing and recording breaking speeds for taking your boots off
  • 45° Laceglider: This precision-molded low-friction plastic insert is positioned at the crucial 45° lacing position in the ankle area. It drastically reduces lace friction and makes tying up your TLS system even easier
  • Flex Link Design: A flexible panel at the ankle between the upper and lower shell ensures an even flexing, responsive boot without the bulk.
  • Hike ‘n’ Ride Construction: A construction specifically made for making the transition and performance between hike and ride mode easier and more beneficial for the rider (together with the forward lean adjustment and auto power strap). Hike mode offers a softer flex and ride mode is more responsive and rigid flex.
  • Therminator Shield: This thermal layer between sole and liner will reflect your body heat and keep your feet warm all day
  • Molded Spine Protection: A flexible molded spine made of a TPR compound that is softer to allow for an even pressured lace closure, while providing medium flex and durability to the shape and spine of the boot.
  • Cloud 8 Liner
  • Internal Ankle Support: An anatomically shaped molded plate distributes lace pressure over the instep/ankle area: More comfort and a better, more precise fit.
  • ILS Liner Lacing: features a lacing harness firmly connected to the boot shell. This harness snugly wraps around the liner, securing it in the shell and providing precise lacing and fit.
  • Re/Lace Liner Locker
  • Ortholite Dual Density Footbed