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Nitro Droid Boa

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The Nitro Droid Boa® youth boot allows even the youngest rippers to experience the user-friendliness that the Boa® Fit System offers, while the Droid boot provides the support, flex, and warmth to enjoy snowboarding to the fullest.

This Droid Boa® youth snowboard boot is for the young rippers who demand a proper fitting and progression-friendly boot with the fast and effortless convenience that the Boa® fit system offers. The Removable Light Liner and Interlock Cloud Liner allow for a reliable and warm foothold no matter the conditions. At the same time, the EVA Outsole and EVA Footbed will keep the weight to a minimum and the dampening properties to a maximum. The Droid offers all the support and fit technologies of our pro-caliber boots; these shred-friendly Boa® boots will get you out of the lodge first and on the chair faster all season long! Progression and good times start from the feet up.


Boots Features

Removable Light Liner
BOA® Fit System
Interlock Cloud Liner
EVA Footbed