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Dakine RAS Removable 3.0 NA Airbag

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The Dakine RAS Removable 3.0 mammut Airbag is the "guts" of your RAS 3.0-compatible airbag pack. It can be removed and transferred to another RAS 3.0-compatible unit, and requires a filled RAS removable air cylinder to be functional as an avalanche safety device. (Note: Air cylinders sold separately.)

Product Details


Important  This unit must be paired with a cylinder and an RAS 3.0 compatible pack (sold separately).

Warning  Wearing an airbag backpack is no guarantee of survival in an avalanche. Backcountry travelers are highly advised to educate themselves in snow stability assessment, route finding, and companion rescue and carry all of the conventional avalanche gear in addition to the airbag.

Lightweight, Durable Airbag

Modular Design Works with all RAS 3.0 Compatible Packs

T-Handle Trigger Tucks Away

Behind-Head Airbag for Unlimited Visibility

Certified for use in North America


  • Weight (g):600
  • Airbag System Included:Yes
  • Ski Carry:No
  • Snowboard Carry:No
  • Hydration Compatible:No
  • Hydration System Included: