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Canfield Tilt Custom Build

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There’s a party on the trails and you’re invited. Introducing the Tilt, an all-new 29er trail-slayer built around the patented Canfield Balance Formula™ suspension. Picking up where the revered Riot (Toir) left off, the Tilt is a mid-travel 29-inch mountain bike designed from the dirt up to be the most fun you can have on two wheels, whether it’s an after-work rip or an all-day epic.

With either 138 or 125 millimeters of rear wheel travel (adjustable via shock stroke) paired to CBF  linkage that’s been tuned to be slightly more progressive, the Tilt is an efficient all-rounder that climbs like a mountain goat with a meth habit. But make no mistake—like any bike with a skull on the headtube, it’s ready to party when gravity takes over.