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Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard 2021

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Crazy fast. Crazy bouncy. Just plain crazy? When a dude like Bode Merrill, known for both creative street lines and ripping AK spines, designs a quiver killer, the concept is a bit of a head scratcher. How can one board cover that much range? The answer is the Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard. It's a park board with a setback stance and a tapered directional shape. Or maybe its a powder board with a full dose of Quad Camber under the boots. Whatever it is, it works. The Ultimate Ride is super responsive and stable at ludicrous speeds and loves to bounce around and pop off anything in sight.

Rocker Type

Quad Camber  The aggressive characteristics of camber blended with rocker on the tip and tail to make the board playful and agile in pow. Quad Camber built with a blend of different radiuses and is more forgiving than a regular camber but maintains the reactivity and pop.


Flex Rating  5 (1 Soft - 5 Stiff)


Tapered Twin  Stance is centered within the effective edge while the tail is pulled in slightly to help with flotation.

Quadralizer Sidecut  Explosive combination of Equalizer and Quadratic sidecuts allows high speed carving as well as superior edge control in tight spots.


Ghost Green Core  Ghost Green Core components have been selected and designed to optimize pop and reduce weight while utilizing sustainable attributes of a super light paulownia wood.

Popster  Popster's shaped core profile thins out under foot and thickens outside your bindings before tapering again at tip and tail to maximize the natural snap and pop of wood. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard.


Triaxial Fiberglass  A fiber and glass tech core that increases board life and durability for all riders.

Biaxial Medium Density Fiberglass  Medium density European-made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for light and lively boards.

Ghost Carbon Beam  Two carbon beam inserts in the tip and tail for maximum pop and increased stability during high speed charging.


Gunslinger Sidewalls  These sidewalls implement carbon inlays that run the full length of the board to meet the reaction and shock absorption needs of all riders.


Sintered EG  Engineered for a super fast glide in everything from fresh pow to sticky spring snow. Sintered material provides superior wax retention, Gallium strengthens impact resistance, and the Electra finish gives a turbocharged glide.

Area 51 Finish  Built to go faster and fly higher, the Area 51 base is a high-density sintered base laced with a super secret wax formula and a specially engineered factory finish designed for air time and durability.


All-Mountain Edge Bevel  A 1° edge holding tune throughout the key parts of the sidecut meets a 2° bevel between the feet. This delivers the most solid edge hold with no hang-ups.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern