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Crispi Shiver NTN Telemark Boot

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The Crispi Shiver NTN is a medium high telemark boot designed for both resort and touring. The Shiver NTN is designed for NTN bindings and NTN 2-pin bindings such as the Meidjo and Lynx. The Shiver has Dynafit inserts both at the boot toe and heel, so can be used with the M Equipment’s Alpine Heel Unit should you be looking to lock the heel down when tired or when you’d rather ski fixed heel.
The Shiver has a softer shell and bellows than the stiffer designs of the NTN Evo Rando and NTN Evo World Cup boots, and is a practical model for freeheel skiers wanting a lighter boot for both resort skiing and touring. The shell of the Shiver still has good torsional rigidity thanks to the Crispi Carbon Side Support design, the carbon reinforcement enveloping the heel of the boot and giving excellent lateral rigidity 
The bellows of the Shiver are constructed using Crispi’s Bellow Flex Control design, with different densities and thicknesses of Pebax compared to the main shell provide a progressive forward flex and efficient power transfer to the ski.
The Shiver NTN has three micro-adjustable aluminium buckles for optimum closure, plus a velcro power strap. The Crispi Dynamic Liner is heat mould-able and comfortable for multi-day tours.