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2023 Revel Ranger v1 carbon mountain bike frame

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Enjoy the ups as much as the downs.  Think XC light, XC efficiency, with the extra-high punch of that bottomless CBF feel.

Carbon Fiber Frame – Revel uses a mix of Japanese Toray T700 and T800 fibers in their frames, but the real magic is in the angles. Most bike frames use a selection of 0-, 45-, and 90-degree fibers, since these are the most readily available and easiest to work with. Revel frames are optimized using more 30/60-degree fibers, which, when laid up properly, create stronger and stiffer tubing and shapes, using less material.

Canfield Balance Formula | 115mm Rear Travel – CBF™ focuses on designing rear suspension around the Center of Curvature (CC). Until now, most suspension systems have focused solely on the instant center. CBF points the chain-line and corresponding drive forces around the top of the chainring through 100 percent of the travel. This results in maximum pedaling efficiency regardless of terrain, where you are in the travel, or what kind of power you’re putting down.

RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate Rear Shock – SIDLuxe has one thing on its mind: speed. Designed for racers, but anyone can ride it! It's lightweight and pairs perfectly with SID and SID SL, giving you a balanced ride. Performance packed with chiseled good looks, every detail is considered with SIDLuxe Ultimate.

Shock Adjustments – Air Spring Pressure / Compression (Open/Lock) / Rebound

Internal Cable Routing – Revel’s full-carbon tubes are molded in one piece onto the inside of the carbon frame tubes. Not only does this provide structural improvement to the frame, but also allows you to route an entire frame in about a minute. No rattling, no noise, and no fishing cables out of frames.

Integrated Headset

Threaded Bottom Bracket(not included)